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We have enough volunteers for 2024.  Thank you for your help.

We need lots of volunteers to support our race.  If you can help, please sign up (scroll down to the bottom of the sign up page) or contact our race director at:

Course Marshalls Report at 7:00 a.m. for a Police safety briefing.

Note:  Bring a portable chair (beach or camping style) and your own water and snacks.  You should be released by 9:30 by the motorcycle police officer trailing the last runner or walker.  Please return your vest and cowbell.

1. Attend the roll call and police briefing at 7:00 a.m. in the church parking lot between Irving and Ivy streets.  Check in with your zone supervisor who will be introduced at roll call.
2. Wear your safety vest provided at the briefing.  Head off to your post NLT 7:30.
3. Place the barrels across the intersection as indicated on your map.
4. Inform drivers how to avoid the race. Depending on your location:
     West along 5th or 6th Streets to Glebe Road or Wilson Blvd.
     North along side streets to Wilson Blvd
     South to Arlington Blvd
     East to Garfield Street
     Two small areas south of Pershing and west of Irving and also along Oakland St. will be sequestered until Oakland and Nelson Streets are opened about 45 minutes after the race starts.
5. Cheer for the runners and walkers.
6. Stay at your post until released.
7. Return your barrels and stack them as you found them.